Mac 1Password Setup

3 min readMay 2, 2022

In this article I am going to explain 1Password by walking you through a real life issue and what I learned along the way. I will start off by providing a brief overview of 1Password and how I am currently using it. By the end of this article you will be able to setup 1Password on windows or mac and work in both environments seamlessly.


I started working outside the mac environment and needed a password manager that was more flexible. When I was on my Windows computer I was not saving my passwords because I just had a few accounts. As my services grew so did my reliant on both Windows and Mac. I was spending to much time going to keychain to retrieve passwords and account information. I needed a password manager that could work on Windows and Mac, I decided on 1Password.


Download 1Password on Mac and Windows and add the 1Password browser extension on to your web browser.

1Password Overview

I have been a heavy Mac user for years and keychain worked perfectly. 1Password works in a similar way except I can use it on both PC and MAC. It enables me to sync passwords across multiple devices. I can download browser extensions that save and fill in passwords to sites I visit. I enjoy watchtower and how I am alerted about security breaches and compromised logins. So far 1Password has been a great tool and very easy to setup.

1Password Mac Setup
To get started go the “App Store” and download 1Password:


Next go to and create and user account:

Welcome to 1Password

Once your account has been created ensure you have the emergency kit with the master password saved somewhere secure. Once the emergency kit is secure you are now ready to export your passwords from chrome to 1Password. To start go to:

Go to chrome -> Auto Fill Passwords and click “Export Passwords”


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